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Music is possibly one of the most important and most over looked part of a cheerleading routine. Most Cheerleading Coaches don't have the time to sit down to learn music mixing software, while other Coaches attempt to create their own cheer music mixes with very disappointing results.

Let us welcome you to Custom Cheer Mix! Custom Cheer Mix is becoming the Industry leader for cheerleading music mixes for cheer and dance! And there are many reasons why!

  • Accreditation - Custom Cheer Mix is currently the only cheerleading music company that is also a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business!
  • Customer Service - Read their testimonials section. It is clear as to why they are becoming a top choice for cheer music mixes!
  • Affordable - With this type of website, accreditation, etc... you would expect to pay over $1000 for a custom cheer music mix, but not at Custom Cheer Mix! Their prices are affordable for just about any Squad!


Custom Cheer Mix - cheerleading music mixes for competitive cheerleading squads